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Meriliis Rinne aka Meru. Born 1985, lives and works in London


I believe that nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. I am interested in the moral judgement, paradoxes  and lots of my works are about social pressure.

Selected Solo Shows

2016 Karma, Butterfly L Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2015 Serendipity, Old Dairy Mews, London UK
2014 Selected Works, Raave office Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Basic elements, Red House, London, UK
2013 Its time for plan B, Refinery, London, UK
2013 Secret garden, Kennington Home gallery, London, UK
2013 Amuse, Butterfly Lounge, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Colour dreams, Gallery studio in Angel, London UK
2012 Muse, Woodman Showroom, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 Moss Canvases, Lusikas Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 Meru Pop up Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 Love the Bird, The Islington Company gallery, London, UK
2011 PARADOX, Café de Concert, Oslo, Norway
2011 ROBOTS, Butterfly L Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 One night only, Meru Art Studio, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 Forest of Emotions, Kaevukohvik Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 So deep in Art, Gallery Kriis, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 Wear Art, Center of culture and art, Tartu, Estonia
2011 5th Element, Operation Art, Club Bon Bon, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 Zsa Zsa Zsu, Butterfly Lounge Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2010 Pay it Forward, Athena centre of culture and art, Tartu, Estonia
2010 Night Mare, Soo Soo Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2009 Üheööliblikas, Vertigo, Tallinn, Estonia
2009 360 degrees, Pärnu Leadership Conference, Pärnu, Estonia
2008 Angels/Demons, Stereo Lounge Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Mona Lisa, UpUp lounge Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2007 Solo, Members Club Shah, Tallinn, Estonia
2006 Meru, Kaheksa, Tallinn, Estonia

Selected Group Shows

2016 Toy Show, Lite-Haus Gallery Berlin
2016 Floating Showroom, Regents Canal, London, UK
2016 How to be Frida & Diego, The Atelier, London, UK
2015 Frieze Wk Friday by Artnaked, London, UK
2013  Kaotamas ilu=elu, Tallinn Design Night, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Christmas Show, Gallery 286, London, UK
2013 Archetypes, Arts Omega Arts, London,UK
2013 Clerkenwell Design Week, Ahrend showroom, London, UK
2011 Estonian art, Gallery Kerbsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Tsoon, Rotermanni, Tallinn, Estonia

Works in private collections in