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Pop-up venue: Ice7Media

Okk Gallery showcases three of its four artists in an office environment at Ice7Media meeting room. This exhibition a small preview of how Okk Gallery works with office spaces, installing the site-specific exhibition.

The pop-up gallery is opened until 12th December and can be viewed by appointment only. Please contact me to book a meeting: or 07795 871205.

Ice7Media is a social media marketing company, based in the heart of Birmingham. They have a wide portfolio of clients from many industries, both UK wide and on an international scale.

Ice7Media operate Social Media Marketing campaigns for over 70 business and have the expertise needed to ensure that your business can simply sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your social media activity is working in tandem with your business’s goals.


Art works are viewed in relation to something else. Does it complement the venue or seem like an alien element? The art work should be a conversation starter, say something about the business itself or its location. This was how I started to plan for the exhibition.

I chose to showcase art works by three artists in a way how I would exhibit it in an office space. Three art works by Paul Hirst installed on three walls create a calm environment which creates a contrast with the vibrant Colmore Row seen from the windows. On the wall opposite are two art works by both Peter Allen and Dan Newso. Two very different artists, but their style is very vivid and add extra brightness to the room. These are just some examples of the portfolio which Okk Gallery offers.

Okk Gallery is a commercial art gallery working with Birmingham and West Midlands based contemporary artists. It sells art works and facilitates commissions for corporate venues like office spaces, hotels, and restaurants. Art works offered all site specific, which means that they are chosen or created in accordance with the particular location. Okk Gallery will help you throughout all process from the concept design to the installation. Please contact me if you are looking for an initial free of charge concept design sample.