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Exhibiting at the pop-up week at HSBC New Street

Okk Gallery at HSBC pop-up week

Recently we started collaborating with HSBC, and as a part of that, we got an opportunity to exhibit and sell during their small business pop-up week at their New Street branch on 31st March. The main aim of the event was to showcase and support local small businesses who work with the bank.

It was a great day where we met lots of different people from various backgrounds and interests. The artworks and the service we sell are mainly targeted towards the corporate market, but the experience was very useful for further develop our marketing strategy. We received great feedback on the variety of our selection and managed to sell ‘Birmingham Skyline’ (last edition) by Peter Allen.

Other interests were quite predictable. Older generation preferred ‘Chasing the light: Calm’ and ‘Chasing the light: The Gap Between’ by Paul Hirst. But younger and mainly male audience was drawn towards ‘Batman’ by Dan Newso and ‘Dead Copyright’ by Antonio Roberts.

HSBC staff has been very friendly and helpful throughout the process and I am looking forward continuing working with them in the future. We would also like to say massive thank you to Van Monkey who supplied us with the transport of artworks.