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The perception of art: How to make it work for you

When I was a teenager, I had posters of my favourite movie actors on the walls in my room. My grandparents have my artworks on their walls. Currently, I have photos of my family on my walls. There is a reason why we do this. Those images evoke positive emotions: A great memory from our childhood, an exciting holiday, they remind you of somebody who is very dear to you or just something or somebody you admire. No matter what it is, there is always some personal connection to it. We surround ourselves with visuals which we enjoy.  Artwork can be one of those but there must be an emotional connection to it. Otherwise, it is no different to wallpaper.

We spend a lot of time away from our homes and to be productive, the environment has to be favourable. Working in the office with other people, you need to find something which would speak to a variety of people. Therefore, a photograph of your family on a beach is probably not the best option but an original artwork or a limited edition and signed print would make a difference.

But how do you find an artwork which you would like? There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you go and purchase or rent an artwork:

Firstly, what kind of visual do you want? This is the most crucial question. You need to consider not just your taste but the image you want to create. What are your company’s values and ethos? Who are your clients that visit your office? It is not just about the visual itself; it is what it represents. Consulting with an art adviser is the best option although you can do some research yourself as well. If you don’t know where to start, just ask yourself the following:

  • Abstract or depictive? If you choose a depictive one, then what would you like to see on it? Humans, animals, landscape, cityscape, or perhaps some concrete objects all fall under depictive art.
  • Painting or drawing? Do you like splashes of colour or you enjoy the details of a line-based drawing?
  • What colours do you prefer? Vivid colours or black and white?

By the process of eliminations, you will get much closer to your desired artwork. Just keep in mind that no matter what you are choosing, make sure that the message the artwork portrays, is consistent with your company’s brand.

Secondly, what is your budget? Buying an investment piece is not cheap but together with good advice and guidance by art adviser, there is an excellent chance to find artwork with increased value in. This is more of a long-term option but perhaps you want something for a shorter term for an office space which you are leasing for 12 months? In this scenario, renting art would be the best option. You can also find a renting option whereby the artwork is changed every 3 or 6 months. This way your office, meeting rooms or reception area will have a regular fresh artwork up.

And finally, where to get what you want? Nowadays there are a good variety of options to choose from: Either you go directly to your local commercial gallery, search from numerous online galleries or contact an art adviser directly.

At the end of the day, art is emotive, just go with your gut feel.

Published in Fine Art Collector / Spring 2018