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Artist Spotlight / June 2018 Philip Singleton

Philip Singleton is one of the artists Okk Arts have had the pleasure of working with. On 14th June 2018, he opened a new exhibition ‘Birmingham Dust’ at Argentea Gallery in Jewellery Qtr. The exhibition was opened until 30th June 2018. Jaanika spoke with Philip at the exhibition to find out more about his background, motivations and ideas behind his recent exhibition.

In his artist statement, Philip wrote:

I have been applying my passion for making images which started when my father gave me a heavy Russian Zenit SLR film camera in the 1970’s and I set up a pop-up darkroom in my parent’s kitchen on winter nights. The Pause Project; this is my personal but shared relationship with the city of Birmingham and its spaces and places. The images capture a reflective,  meditative, intimate view of Birmingham’s buildings that are in a pause state, life has left them, they await death by demolition or new breath through new use. Often the marks and scars of use are recorded on walls and surfaces, but human life has departed. The body of work is growing as each building at risk is accessed through careful negotiation and recorded as a memory to be shared. I see this as an important gathering of memories as Birmingham once again embarks on the growing pains of massive regeneration.

Defining : The moment of discontinuity : The state of in-between”. Acting : To dwell in the moment and capture the interstitial state”.


Extract from the press release:

Philip Singleton is a UK based art photographer. He is studying for his MA in Photography at Falmouth University’s renown Institute of Photography, which will conclude in the summer of 2018. Raised in Wolverhampton, after training as an architect in Sheffield, Philip moved to Birmingham in 1990. As an architect, in the private sector, he ran three design businesses and, as an Assistant Director at Birmingham City Council, he was City Design Adviser and latterly project director on the Big City Plan, the most significant change agenda for Birmingham in a generation. He worked for a year in London on post-olympic regeneration projects.