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Artwork size and location

Having a right size artwork in a right place makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter what is depicted if it is the wrong size and in the wrong location then it might lose its impact.

Imagine a long, narrow hallway of a house. You walk in from the front door and spot a large, 6ft by 6 ft oil painting on canvas on your right. You can just about to make some details out, but the hallway is 5 ft wide and you are trying to understand the painting my pressing yourself against the hallway wall. The artwork might be painted by a very famous artist, but how can you observe it, if you cannot look at it properly.

Then you carry on and enter the living room of that same house. You spot a large wall space right in front of you. And then what you see on it, is a 12 inch by 12-inch canvas with some red spots on it. It looks a bit odd from the distant. However, if you go really close to it, you notice that the red spots are tiny figures of people. They are painted very skilfully and you enjoy the painting, however, it is totally different from what you first thought.

When choosing an artwork for your home, make sure to hang it in a suitable space. The work is never in the void. It is always in relation to something else. When you are purchasing the work, always imagine how it would look like with the rest of the interior. You wouldn’t purchase a 6 ft by 6 ft table and place it in the 12 ft by 12 ft room, would you?

The article was first published at HEM Life Magazine October 2018 issue.