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Why do we need art at home?

For some people, having an artwork in their home seems to be obvious, but not for everyone. Here are a couple of thoughts on why artwork at home is a good idea.

A picture is worth a thousand words’ – what is the artwork at your home saying about you or to you? Art can evoke a lovely memory or have a special meaning and representation. The artwork is a great tool to initiate a discussion and evoke creativity. It is a way of expression. Your choice of artwork at home shows your taste and how much effort are you willing to put into showcasing great work. However, not all art looks great. But this doesn’t matter as long as it carries a meaning to you.

Featured image is a sample of  DJ’s artwork in the living room. See full DJ’s portfolio here.

An original piece of art brings a bit of personality to your home – we are constantly surrounding ourselves with more and more automated and digital equipment. Having an artwork which is created by a person adds warmth to your home. All artists find this being a great honour that their work has been displayed. Especially in such an intimate place as someone’s home.

Whatever is the reason for having an artwork at home, make sure that there is a meaning to it. The artwork is more than just a pretty picture which compliments the cushions on the sofa. Art is not a substitute to the wallpaper or colourful wall. All art is a decoration, however not all decoration is art.