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Unleash Your Inner Artist / 18.02.2019

This February we had another successful art class with great attendance. We had a similar composition as last month and were focusing on how to measure different elements of the composition (and understanding the relation to one another) and how to shade and create an illusion of three-dimensional objects.

Unleash Your Inner Artist is a monthly art class for adults with no or little previous experience in the arts. Each month we go through a different topic of drawing. The aim of the class is to offer easy to follow steps which participants can take on board and follow at home. Each class is different as we welcome new participants as well as our regular students.

Unleash Your Inner Artist takes place every third Monday of the month at the Lost & Found in Birmingham. The next class will take place on Monday, 18th March 2019 at 5.30pm until 7.30pm. As places are limited, please book in advance via Eventbrite.The event ticket is ¬£21.55 (including all materials, hot drinks and Eventbrite fees).