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Artworks as gifts

Looking for a gift that that special person? But what do you get to someone who already has everything? A unique and quirky artwork might be a good option. When choosing artwork, there are a couple of things to pay attention to. After all, you would like the artwork to be cherished and displayed rather than just placed away for regifting. So, how do you nail that gift and find the perfect artwork?

  • Familiarity – how well do you know the person? What does the person LIKE? Don’t assume, just ask. Once you nail that gift and find the artwork that compliments the overall interior, you will be in their mind every day.
  • Existing interiors – what does their home look like? Is it a Victorian-era house or a modern newbuild? What kind of furniture do they have? What is the colour scheme? The answers to those questions will help you to establish the type of artwork.
  • Price is a big factor, but it needn’t be. There are loads of emerging artists who produce original pieces of work for entry-level prices.
  • Visuals – what is depicted in the artwork? The abstract is a good universal option. Classical landscapes can fit most interiors. Artworks of nature work most of the time
  • Colours play a huge role when choosing artwork which will suit the interior. You can have a great depiction, but if the colour scheme doesn’t fit then overall artwork doesn’t fit.

These pointers should help you to find that perfect gift every time.