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Escape in art

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.’ This quote has been attributed to several people, including Pablo Picasso and John Lennon. But what did the author actually mean? How many times I have heard that ‘oh, I am not creative at all’ or ‘I hated art classes at school and am still covered with cold sweat if I am asked to draw a stickman’. Sound familiar?

My response is ‘Can you write your own name?’ and if the answer is yes, then you can draw. The drawing as an act itself is not a problem here, the issue come with what others think about it. The ‘grow up’ part of the quote means ‘society thinks that your artwork is not appropriate’, is not in accordance with the ‘norms & conventions’. That’s why we stop.

Do you doodle when you are on the phone with somebody? Do you make notes and then start colouring the letters in or make a squiggle on the corner of the page without even thinking about it? Majority of us do. Why? Because this is how your brain relaxes. Nobody will see your doodles besides you. It can (and probably will) go straight to the bin. But how did it make you feel? A bit relaxed? Perhaps yes, perhaps not, but the bottom line is, you managed to express yourself.

So take 5 minutes when no one is watching and draw. What’s the worst that can happen?