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Your home as an artwork

Artwork at home does not always mean that it has to be framed and hang on the wall. Sometimes the artwork can be an entire wall. Either it is a mural painting or a wall-size digital image in the form of a wallpaper. But bear in mind that in any case, you need to have a reason, your ‘why’. Why is this particular piece necessary. Wall art can have several benefits:

Statement piece

You want to walk into the room and go ‘wow!’. Any artwork can have this effect, but nothing compares with an artwork which covers the entire wall.

Making the room seem larger

You can achieve fascinating results even in narrow hallways. Of course, it very much depends on imagery. When the aim is to make the room look larger, make sure to choose artwork or a photo which depicts distance. E.g. a beach scenery with a view of the sea or a road which leads far away. Including sharp perspective, angles would also help.

Creating an ‘escape wall’ or dreamland

This approach is especially positive in bedrooms for kids. This allows their imagination to flourish and you don’t have to worry them knocking an expensive artwork off the wall. The only problem with having a wall art or a mural painting at home is that it has site-specific nature and you will not be able to take it with you once you move. It is an investment, however, the results, when done well, are worth it.

Mural painting by Artwork by Joe at a teenage boy’s bedroom in Langham.