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What does it mean for an artist to have their artwork on your walls?

So far we have spoken about what it means for you to have artwork on the walls at your home. Where to get them, where to install and what to look out for. Which colours to choose and which artwork to put to which room. We also looked at site-specific installations and wall murals which are fixed on one specific wall and are not standalone works.

But have you thought what it means to the artist? The knowledge that someone has liked their work enough to want to see it every day at their home? This, of course, applies when you have bought the artwork directly from the artist or gallery, which has a close relationship with their artists. This means that the artist has the knowledge that their work is with you. Having somebody believing in your art and like your art that they are willing to pay for it is very high acknowledgement. No matter how big or small the artwork is or how much you have paid for it.

When you buy original artwork, keep that in mind. You create a creative bond with the artist. This, of course, doesn’t apply to the artworks which are mass-produced, and you don’t know the artist in person. Yes, it implies to very consumption-led approach, as at this stage it doesn’t matter whether the buyer bought the artwork because they valued the work or because it looked good with their existing décor. But this is an entirely different conversation. 

This article will be published in HEM Life October 2019 issue