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Artworks as gifts vol.2

Last year, at the same time I wrote about artworks as gifts. Well, it is this time of the year again… No matter how much you try to avoid it, you cannot hide from the festive music in shopping centres and noticing giftsets everywhere. Artwork is a great gift if you are looking something for someone who already has everything. However, you do need to know what they prefer if you want that piece to be installed in their home. What if you are looking for something different, but are not that comfortable in choosing the artwork yourself?

How about an art experience? It can be an art class, where the recipient can paint or draw something or a ceramics workshop, where they create a three-dimensional sculpture or perhaps a gift card for bespoke commission? There are benefits for each option:

  • Art class – the success of this option depends very much on how confident the person is in art themselves. If they create something that they don’t like in the end, then the artwork will probably not end on their wall. However, I’m sure that with a good tutor they will enjoy the experience itself. The same goes for the ceramics or any other crafts workshop for that matter.
  • Gift card for a bespoke commission – this option will offer the recipient to commission a bespoke piece within the agreed budget. This way they will probably receive an artwork they are looking for, but without the experience of creating the piece themselves.

Whichever option you will go for, it will be a unique experience and you will definitely be remembered.