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Stiffy Art artist development

Jaanika has been my guide and confident (and much, much more) on my journey to become a recognised artist. It is rare to meet someone with such rounded skills to balance mentoring, coaching and care to advance me into a new arena. She has a great eye and intuition to bring out the best in me and promote a fashion that is uniquely mine. She has without doubt been and continues to be a reliant source of comfort and encouragement over formative periods of uncertainly in my development. Suffice to state I would never have experienced the same level of fulfilment that my creativity brings to me and hopefully to others.

I would not hesitate in endorsing her stewardship to any artist irrespective of their status or skill level. Above all Jaanika is a caring and focus individual and clearly delights in the development of others. When I become successful (and I will) I will be forever grateful for her support and friendship.

Jon Stiff
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Jon Stiff at the exhibition, Botanist, 4th Nov 2019.
Photo by Stuart James