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You don’t need art in your home …

… you should WANT to see artworks in your home. Why? Having a piece of artwork at home is not something that you need to have if you don’t want to. There is nothing wrong with having completely blank walls. Perhaps you are surrounded by a lot of visuals in your workplace and you just want to relax your eyes at home. Perhaps your interior design is very minimalist and having a piece of artwork feels out of place. In this case, have a look at the colour scheme of your interiors. Maybe you would just want one colourful feature wall?

Having art at home it is not a ‘must’, but it would make a great difference if you do have some. The main thing is to have an emotional connection with the piece. Otherwise, you might as well have a wallpaper or just a colourful feature wall. Look at beyond its decorative purpose and see what the art does for your mood. Does it make your mind wander and enlighten the imagination? Does it remind you of some event or place which makes you feel good? Does it help you to calm and collect your thoughts or gets you energised for the day? Art evokes reactions – if it doesn’t, then it is purely decoration. There is no point in having art at home just for art sake.

Have a look around your home, are you proud to have every piece of art you currently have? If the answer is no, then it’s probably not for you. Only buy artwork that makes you proud.