At Okk Arts we have one aim: we help visual artists to become sustainable by unleashing their true potential.

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned creator, our Artist Development Programme can help you become sustainable with your art. We work with a variety of galleries who have told us exactly what they look for in artists, what their buyers want and most importantly, what sells. Every artist wants to sell their work and we will find suitable option for each artist. However, if your main aim is not to sell, but build your portfolio to be visible in front of various curators, then our the programme can help with that as well.

Okk Arts Ltd. has been founded in 2018 by Jaanika Okk. Jaanika  (b. 1984, Tallinn Estonia, lives and works in Birmingham, UK) started her creative career in 2004 as a freelance fine artist specialising in printmaking. In 2008, she began managing art events and projects for other artists and curators. Since then she has organised a range of projects from individual solo shows to large scale international festivals. To date, Jaanika has managed over 25 various projects.

Jaanika has Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Art and in 2012, was awarded a  Master degree in Arts and Project Management by Birmingham City University, UK. Jaanika is a member of Estonian Artists Association and The Association of Estonian Printmakers. She is also on the Board of Directors for BNI Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country and has been a member of BNI since 2016. Connect with Jaanika on LinkedIn.

Click here to view Jaanika’s portfolios of colour and black & white art