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Abstractphotographix aka Robert Elmer. Born 1984, lives and works in Birmingham.

Artist statement

I began creating my current body of work around 9 years ago having returned from a life-changing 5 month tour of India, Myanmar, Thailand & Cambodia, an experience that threw me in at the deep end, flooding my conscious with an overwhelming abundance of visual experiences which I was determined to capture and bring home on film.Parallels, elements of symmetry and visual balances between light and dark fascinate me, as do the challenges of photographing street & cityscapes, especially appealing due to their constantly evolving nature. I am often drawn by the compositional scope and geometric perfection of architectural elements and the way that the camera can be used to warp reality or find abstract connotations within the subject matter. In-between shooting and travel I make my living by designing & restoring gardens, spending much of my time outdoors. Surrounded by rich canvasses of colour and texture, constantly changing seasonal skylines and the inescapable cycle of life and death among the plants, trees and wildlife. I undoubtedly look to the natural world for much of my inspiration and as such, it plays a massive role in my work. My underlying passion for the medium though undoubtedly stems from the process of transforming the unremarkable into something beautiful, finding images within images, and sometimes changing the perspective to such a degree that the original subject is unrecognisable and an entirely new entity is formed within the frame.


2018 The Anchor Gallery, Harborne, Uk 2015 The Concept Room Exhibition, Custard Factory Birmingham 2014 The Ort Cafe, Balsall Heath Birmingham