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Portfolio review – Samantha Jordan aka Artillery Creative

I’ve just spoken with Jaanika and it is just what I needed! I have found it difficult to find the right path to take as I’m a self taught artist (I’ve endured a lot of trial and error) She talked through everything that I have done so far and helped me really think about what I must focus on the most! Cannot recommend enough! Thank you!

Samantha Jordan, 10.07.2020
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Portfolio review – Jessica Brown

The portfolio review meeting I had with Jaanika was so much more than I expected. We covered not just my art, but also a wide range of topics related to being a freelance artist in today’s world. I found Jaanika’s comments about my portfolio both insightful and practical. It was so helpful to have a fresh and informed pair of eyes on my artwork, and I’ve come away with some new insights about how I can improve. On the business side, we talked about a range of issues including social media, tips for attracting the right clients and website enhancements. If you’re interested in moving your art business forward, I can’t recommend Jaanika highly enough.

Jessica Brown, 17.06.2020
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Portfolio review – Kate Davies

I have just finished a really positive, friendly and insightful portfolio review with Jaanika Okk. I found this review very helpful and Jaanika advised me on how I can make my portfolio more coherent and accessible. She also shared excellent tips on how to advertise my portfolio via social media and LinkedIn. I intend to act on her advice and I will be in touch with her to share my improved portfolio when it is ready.

Kate Davies, 20.06.2020
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Portfolio review – Radvile Talackaite

I had the pleasure of working with Jaanika. She provided an art portfolio review for me. Jaanika suggested the main things which I should improve or change in it. She, talked about each page in my portfolio and checked all the content and gave me clear feedback. What is more, she was honest and stated my mistakes clearly. I would highly recommend Jaanika for the artist who wishes to improve and develop their portfolio.

Radvile Talackaite. 25.06.2020
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Stiffy Art artist development

Jaanika has been my guide and confident (and much, much more) on my journey to become a recognised artist. It is rare to meet someone with such rounded skills to balance mentoring, coaching and care to advance me into a new arena. She has a great eye and intuition to bring out the best in me and promote a fashion that is uniquely mine. She has without doubt been and continues to be a reliant source of comfort and encouragement over formative periods of uncertainly in my development. Suffice to state I would never have experienced the same level of fulfilment that my creativity brings to me and hopefully to others.

I would not hesitate in endorsing her stewardship to any artist irrespective of their status or skill level. Above all Jaanika is a caring and focus individual and clearly delights in the development of others. When I become successful (and I will) I will be forever grateful for her support and friendship.

Jon Stiff
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Jon Stiff at the exhibition, Botanist, 4th Nov 2019.
Photo by Stuart James
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Gray Hirst artist development

I worked with Jaanika for 6 months and as a new artist, just finding my feet, her knowledge and her expertise were invaluable. She helped me build everything I needed to become a successful independent artist. She assisted me with my web page set up and a database for all my contacts. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think outside the box when it came to my art. I cannot thank her enough!

Gray Hirst
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