Chris Manley artist profile

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Born in 1946, works and lives in Wolverhampton

Artist statement

Art and photography have been a passion since my early teens. Essentially self-taught, I always felt disadvantaged without the structure of a formal art education but I have been able to develop diversity, and techniques for working across the platform of my disciplines. Giving me greater opportunities to explore my curiosity. I have always painted and drawn with traditional values, in a representational way, but my deconstructive approach to photography and digital work has given me greater freedom to explore and respond to ideas intuitively which have led me more into abstraction.

Group Shows

2017 WSA Wolverhampton Art Gallery
2016 WSA Wolverhampton Art Gallery
2016 Birmingham Watercolour Society Hanbury Hall
2016 RBSA Friends
2014 RBSA Friends
2014 WSA Wolverhampton Art Gallery
2012 / 2013 The Granary Weston Park international Open