Colin Pearsall artist profile

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Born in Birmingham in 1948, lives and works in York

Artist statement

These low reliefs, made from two squares of card interlocked with no additions is part of the discipline of  the process. The two pieces submerge each other, the one appearing out of the other. They are not paintings in the accepted sense, they are constructions with paint, the colours serve the structure. I choose the first colour that comes to mind and follow. I have no agenda. They are sometimes in colours no one else would use, I don’t want to paint someone else’s picture. They come about as a consequence of my concerns, a belief in an underlying structure to life and a lot of chance occurrences. The chance illustrated by colour and marks, everything cut up by the day to day, a chance remark, a memorable moment, a depressing occurrence or a smile to remember. Patterns of growth, the fit of things, the classical in the romantic. The works are essentially deconstructions of real events, they are objects in the way anything man made might be.

Solo Shows

2018 The Bond Company, Birmingham
2008 Darlington Arts Center, Darlington
1998 Helmsley Arts Center, York
1994 Phoenix Dance Center Gallery, Leeds
1993 Leeds Playhouse Gallery, Leeds
1978 Stonegate Gallery, York

Group Shows

2017 Kuinsthuis Gallery Crayke, York
2015 Dazzle Gallery Helmsley, York
2010 Hutton-Le-Hole Museum Gallery, York
2009 Saltbox Gallery Helmsley, York
2007 Saltbox Gallery Helmsley, York
2007 Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk
2006 Saltbox Gallery Helmsley, York
2005 East Coast Open, Scarborough
2000 Cleveland Open, Middlesbrough
2000 Minster Gallery, York
1998 Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk
1998 Cunha Lupe Gallery, London
1998 Montage Gallery Castleton, Middlesbrough
1998 Minster Gallery, York
1997 Cleveland Open, Middlesbrough
1997 Flowers, East London
1996 Cleveland Open, Middlesbrough
1995 Adze Gallery, York
1992 Stonegate Gallery, York
1986 Elizabethan Gallery, Wakefield
1983 Cleveland International Drawing Biennale, Middlesbrough
1975 Rhea Head Arts Center, Scarborough
1968 Midland Young Contemporaries, Canon Hill Park Gallery, Birmingham
1968 Austen Hayes Gallery, York