Okk Arts is first and foremost meant for artists, by helping them to become more sustainable in what they are doing. Our role is to help them become visible to buyers. We sit between a dealer and an agent, with our main job is to keep the artworks visible in front of the right target market. We work with a variety of interior designers by supplying them with artworks for specific projects but we also work on commission for sales and marketing fees.

How does it work?

Artist Listing is a basic listing opportunity on Okk Arts website with a 12 month agreement period. We will not take any physical artworks from the artist until the sale has been concluded. The agreement is for digital images only, which will showcase their portfolio to the prospects.

We agree with each artist the “artist price” and Okk Arts will put 40% of the artist price on top to achieve the selling price. For example, if the artist price is £1,000, the selling price is £1,400

If you are interested in finding out more, please fill the form below:

  Photo by Richard Short. Pind exhibition opening, Centrala Gallery, 2015