Mark Howard has been running the award-winning Fashion Designer Brand and designer boutique, Disorder with his wife since 1998. Disorder Boutique also functions as an art gallery, with Marks painting both adorning the walls and Disorders’ clothing range. Marks’ oil paintings and graphic art are integral to the very fabric of the brand, quite literally, with them printed onto silk and cashmere, then made into their new collections. Through Disorder, Mark has been able to break down the traditional boundaries in the arts, working across the disciplines of fashion, contemporary dance, music, and fine art to create something truly unique and very sort after. So whether appearing on a fashion runway in Barbados or an art gallery, Marks paintings have a wide appeal and are held in collections from New York to Melbourne Australia.


Through his work with Disorder, Mark has won numerous national awards in fashion design, brand building and in fashion retail. Although most impressively, through pursuing their socially and ethically progressive agenda by championing British designed and made clothing, Disorders ideas and principles came to the attention of Mary Portas. Brand Consultant for Apple and Harvey Nichols, Portas, Disorder were the cleverest and best designers she had seen in years, and she used them as inspiration and case study for her recommendations to the government, on the future of the high street in Britain. Disorder is far more than a clothing store; a hotbed of ideas both creative and socially progressive, inspiring cross-discipline collaborations, and ultimately creating unique and stimulating artwork.