Please note: all prices are illustrative and may vary depending on the project. As a purpose of illustration, the prices are for a print with the size of 60 x 40 cm. If you are interested in purchase or rent option, please contact Jaanika Okk here. 


Born 1972, lives and works in Birmingham.

Artist statement

I am a commercial photographer, based in Birmingham, UK and working primarily with the marketing functions of large businesses. 

Working in and around Birmingham, I occasionally have the opportunity of seeing the city from vantage points not always available to the public and over the years I have seized this opportunity to photograph the city that I love. Watching its transformation over the past 18 years and having been a close witness to this especially on the New Street Station rebuild project, I feel Birmingham has from an architectural point of view become the city it always should have been.

Photographs and prints have fascinated me since I was very young, when every weekend the Sunday Times would thump onto the floor in my parents hallway. I would grab the magazine and flick through to see the latest amazing places and people from all over the world, the words did not matter as I drifted off into the photographs. I love photography that moves people in a positive way and takes their thoughts to another place. I have prints all over my house and I have to remind myself sometimes just to stop and get lost in them for a while.