Born in 1963, works in Birmingham.

Artist Statement

I have exhibited personal work successfully since 1999 in parallel to a career as a professional photographer. The 2 practises have converged in that work such as Still Dancing, opened the door to the Royal Ballet for whom I now regularly work. The personal work is where projects can be explored utilizing many years of experience as a photographer. Over the past 4 years, a much more fine art theme has emerged with Body OF Work, and especially “PROJECT”, the latter being a return to analogue photography mixed with digital producing extraordinary images that look full ‘Photoshopped’ yet are original images with no post-production involved.

Solo shows

Work in progress Body of Work. Complete exhibition; fine art nude studies. Not shown apart from selected works in group shows.
Work in progress This Birmingham; Work in progress as can be seen on the website;
Work in progress “PROJECT” The current exhibition. Photographed and currently exploring ways of exhibiting.
2010 – 2011 Still Dancing; solo show in Birmingham and around the West Midlands to several venues.
1999 – 2003 This England; Toured the UK to 14 galleries from Mayfair in London to Northumberland.
Showing at various venues from the Music Room gallery in Mayfair, City Art Gallery in Wakefield and various venues around the country.