Rosanna Monachello’s artist profile

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Born 1971. Lives and works in Warwickshire

Artist statement

My art is unbrudled desire. It is utterly instinctive. To me it is synonomous with life. I cannot live life well without creating space to allow for creation to voice itself. But I cannot will it or force it. It visits….that’s it. It is whim, whimsy and flow. It is the word I cannot find to communicate. It is both what I cannot understand or even conceptualise and yet have a distant innate knowing of. For me, to paint, is to spend time mindfully being one with the Spirit that breathes life. It is like a moving meditation on verbs, adverbs, adjectives. It is emotion and feeling. It is a birthing of inner landscapes and memories. It is release and resistance in a dance. It is a spiritual practice of healing and a gift of healing. My practice is a union of mind, body and spirit.

I first began my practice a few months after I developed insomnia in 2007, I think. It was a great comfort to me. I embraced the distraction. I have always had a fasciation with candles. While sitting painting in candle light, in the early hours, I began incorporating a practice of inverting candles in order to drip wax onto canvas. It became a bit of an obsession.


2007 Solo show – Fluid Movements, Wai Kika Moo Kau, Brighton 
2007 Group Show – Reflections & Perspectives, Brighton Vineyard, Brighton 
2008 Group Show – Vision – St Peter’s Church,  Brighton