‘I create amazing artworks. I’m very busy and constantly produce new work. I exhibit a lot, but I have only my artist friends and family who like my works and show up at the exhibitions. I have to have day job to pay my bills. I am a hardworking artist, so why doesn’t all my hard work pay off?’

Sounds familiar? Either you are the one thinking like that, or you know somebody who thinks that? We believe that with some support any artist can become financially sustainable. You need an accountability partner, somebody who is a catalyst to your actions. That’s what we do. We help you become a financially stable artist. On our programme, we’ll go through everything you need to make this happen. We do this through three different options:

Portfolio review

When was the last time you had someone review your portfolio? We offer a complimentary 1-hour portfolio review via Zoom. This call is completely free of charge. Please book your time here.

Artist Development App

The app has a Taster version which is complimentary. The full access to the app costs £20 per month and will be charged as Direct Debit once you request access to the full app. You will be able to cancel at any time.

How does it work?

Each week you will get access to a new Tutorial. The Tutorial follow the Artist Development Programme which has been built by Jaanika Okk and Okk Arts founder. You will need to fill a Workbook once you have watched the tutorial. The next session will not be available for you until you submit the workbook.

The app includes various other features as well, including community feature which allows you to share messages with other artists using the platform; you will be able to share your portfolio and get feedback and many more.

See the demo below: