Ideas Guide

Are you looking for that ideal artwork, but don’t know where to start, then request our Ideas Guide.

In this guide, we will show you different methods of how to find the artwork that you like and that sits well with your existing design. Okk Arts will show you how to build the bridge between art and business by demonstrating seven benefits of having art in your workspace.

We will also look at different methods on how to find out what kind of art you like. Finding artwork sounds so simple when in reality, it’s the complete opposite. It is much easier to distinguish what you don’t like than what you DO like. Here at Okk Arts, we use an Elimination Matrix which will help you to narrow down the selection. Have a try yourself and see if you find the one you like.

Read through the guide and you will notice how your perception of art becomes more defined. You will get plenty of ideas BUT we will not stop there. Also in this guide you will find valuable information on how to find the artworks. This section is called Sourcing artworks.

If you would like to receive your free copy, please e-mail to

Art for sale

Our aim is to enhance your company’s image and help you transform your working environment in a way that compliments your brand, values, and ethos. All artworks are available for sale with prices indicated.

Please contact us here and we will find you a most suitable solution.


Art for rent

Okk Arts offers all artworks to for rent on a monthly subscription basis. This means that we will develop a tailored art programme for you and will come and change artworks every three or six months. This option is more affordable and will keep your venue fresh and interesting with new artworks.

Please contact us here and we will find you a most suitable solution.

Renting price will include artist fee, gallery commission and insurance of the artworks. The price is calculated by dividing the purchase price by 12 and adding £5 per month for the insurance.

Transportation of the artworks to and from premises and installation of artworks will be added on as a one-off fee, depending on the distance of your premises from Birmingham city centre and the number of artworks rented.


Wallart and custom art

If you are looking for simply a decoration for your walls, then our wall art would be an excellent option for you. All our wall art is custom made keeping in mind your company’s image and values.

Please contact us here and we will find you a most suitable solution.