Susie Hall artist profile

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Born 1957, lives and works in Bedford

Artist statement

I returned to painting in 2011 after many years working, raising a family and running a business. I paint Abstracts in acrylics; some purely from my imagination, others inspired by what I see around me and how I interpret it. My aim is to evoke a feeling, thought, or emotion and engage the imagination of the viewer. I paint intuitively, allowing the colours and shapes to guide me. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a vivid imagination and it appears that after years of subliminally being locked away, ideas are now set free to make themselves known. This has resulted in a number of different series’ of paintings.


2018 Contemporary Arts Fair, Stratford-upon-Avon
2018 ongoing Capital Art Gallery, London
2017  Frescoes Art Gallery, Bedford
2017 Abstractive Exhibition, The Cult House in collaboration with Creative Debuts, London
2016 Mardleybury Gallery, Datchworth, Hertfordshire
2016 Fusion II, The Cult House at The Underdog Gallery, London
2016 Art At Work-Biophilia, Argentum in partnership with KI, New Fetter Place, Lego Building, London
2015 – 2016 Frescoes Art Gallery, Bedford
2015 Fusion, The Cult House, Hoxton Arches, London
2015 Atkinson O’Rourke Gallery (now The Atkinson Collection), Chicago, United States
2015 Auction, Center for Accessible Art, Ohio, United States
2015 Towards Abstraction (Gallery Argentum), KI Europe, London
2014 Beyond White Walls (Gallery Argentum), KI Europe, London
2014 Colorida Gallery, Costa do Castelo, Lisbon, Portugal
2014 Picture Corner Gallery, Ampthill, Bedfordshire
2014 Breathe, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
2014 CO3 Gallery, Colchester, Essex
2013 Lights In The Winter, International exhibition of contemporary art, La Galleria Pall Mall, Pall Mall, London
2013 – 2016 Riobello Italian Restaurant, Bedford
2013 Artist of the Month, Cheese Kitchen, Bedford


2013 Saatchi Online Showdown, semi-finalist

Other events

2018 Original paintings on display and available from Gallery 6 Newark, Newark, Notts.
2017 ongoing Added to roster of artists at office art display company Little Van Gogh to show  collection of City Lights paintings
2017 Painting sold at auction to raise funds for The British Heart Foundation
2016 Paintings became available as ‘wearable art’ via as Sue Hall Art

Private collectors in Ireland, USA and UK