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Artwork at home – location and message

Finding a perfect artwork for your home is all about taste and relation. You either like it or not, it either suits with the environment or not. Worst of all is if you just don’t care because then there is no point of having the artwork at all. The artwork has to communicate with the viewer and one way or another, it has to generate an emotion.

What it is that creates emotions? Well, that is entirely subjective. There are a couple of tips that will help. Bear in mind that I am not talking only about wall-mountable two-dimensional artworks, but also about freestanding sculptures and ceramic art. Think about the location and message – which room do you want to place artwork in and what kind of emotions would you like it to project?

Is it a bedroom, where you would like to have something calming with smooth colours. Perhaps some inspirational quotes to read in the morning whilst getting ready for the day. In the living room, the central room of the house, you would like to showcase a statement piece. Perhaps commissioned painting of the family or something less depictive and general abstract work? Something which compliments who you are and what is your taste. For kids rooms, have something they can relate to. Characters from their favourite movies for example.

Whichever artwork you choose for your home, make sure that it represents something for you. Otherwise, it will not be any different than just a wallpaper.

The article was originally published at November edition of HEM Life: